Princess Lydia and the Fire Breathing Dragon

Princess Lydia cannot see when she doesn’t wear her glasses so she wears them every day. Because it’s still hard for her to see everything, some people think that she can’t do things that others can do, but she never lets that stop her from doing the things she wants to do, like riding her horse, Diva, all over the Kingdom! Princess Lydia is known as one of the bravest Princesses in all the land! The Princess’s friend, Prince William, has been captured by the Kingdom’s Fire Breathing Dragon and Princess Lydia is determined to rescue him! She and her trusty knights go to where the dragon is holding the Prince captive and when they get there they are shocked at what they find!! Join Princess Lydia on her adventure and find out what she learns as she bravely tries to rescue her friend from a very misunderstood dragon!