DanDeeLion Publishing Mission:

Our mission at DanDeeLion Publishing is to empower & educate people of every gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and ability level, socio-economic class, living conditions, etc. and to entertain the reader at the same time.

Our official motto is:  DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE…. All challenges can be overcome!

Our initial focus has been on children’s books that feature and empower young people (especially girls & the handicapable). We believe everyone has the ability to overcome their challenges and to be a hero/shero/heroine. 

We also believe that the younger people hear empowering educational messages all while being wildly entertained, the earlier they will become resilient and build good character, thus for making a much improved society.

While our initial focus has been on “kidlit”; we will be accepting submissions and producing works meant for a teen and/or adult audience as well.

We will put out an official announcement when we are ready to accept submissions with the required specifications.